Bonney Logo Stamp Timeline

This view allows you to browse the Bonney logo stamps through time.  The best information comes from those stamped with a date code but we do our best to estimate production dates where no date stamp exists.  In the June 1909 edition of the Automobile Trade Directory, Bonney is listed under the catagory "Wrenches - Nut & Bolt."  They are not listed under that catagory in the January, 1908 Edition, nor are they listed in the October, 1908 Edition.  Based on this evidence, we are estimating that Bonney began producing Wrenches (hand / nut and bolt wrenches, not pipe wrenches) in 1909, closely corresponding to their move to the Allentown, PA location.

Date Code indicators discovered thus far:

The following represents the unique marking - Timeframe for obsolescence.

Bonney B-Shield on the wrench shaft - Early 1925
B-Shield embedded Bonney Logo - Sometime in 1931
"Made in U.S.A." switch to "U.S.A." - Mid 1946 - Early 1947
Two alpha date code system - Late 1961 - 1962

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