Massey Vise Co.

Chicago, IL. - Founded by T C Massey circa 1881.  At that time, he operated out of Batavia, IL until moving to Chicago in 1884 (see reference below) where he continued to operate as simply T. C. Massey until 1891.  The 2/8/1891 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune announces the incorporation of the Massey Vise Company with capital stock of $25,000.  Incorporators are T. C. Massey, R. A. Massey and T. S. Fauntleroy.  Also announced in the 2/1891 edition of Iron Age.

Here is a detailed explanation with supporting graphics on how the T. C. Massey vise is constructed and operated from the August, 1884 edition of American Machinist.

The November, 1884 edition of Railway Master Mechanic reports that T. C. Massey has moved his manufactory from Batavia to Chicago at 11-23 S. Jefferson St.  Noted as the sole maker of the E&K Patent Vises.

Advertisement for the Massey Perfect Vise from October 24, 1889, Iron Age.

By 1902, the company is located at 30 S. Canal St. in Chicago.

By 1910, the company is located at (9 or S) Michigan St.

Final disposition of the company is still unknown.

T. C. Massey Patents:

Trade / Vise Models & Types:

  • Lightning (Drill Press, Planer, Milling Machine, Machinist, Pattern/Wood Working)
  • Clincher (Pattern/Wood Working, Machinist)
  • Perfect (Machinist, Pipe)

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