Lowville Machine & Vise Company (L. M. & V Co.)

Lowville, NY - This company succeeded the Fulton Machine & Vise Co. ca. 1924.  The election of officers in a January, 1927 local newspaper identifies H. Northam Haberer as Pres; Leon S. Miller as VP; A. A. Copeley as Sec; W. T. Bush as Treas.  In another local newspaper article from 1929, the paper reports that all patents, business and completed stock have been sold to The American Chain Company of Bridgeport.  This particular article also notes that L. M. & V. Co was the successor of the Fulton Machine & Vise Co. and also purchased The Utica Air Compressor Company in 1928.  The article notes that castings will still be made at Lowville for the new owner.

Finally, this article from 1930 reports the sale of all property of the L. M. & V. Co.

It appears vises continued to be made for a time under the American Chain Company moniker, as evidenced by this example from the Garage Journal.