Blue Point Water Pump Packing Nut Wrenches.

These wrenches were made from about 1925 thru about 1940.  There were about 25 different sizes, some of these were special order. There are also 7 or more different verisons so making a complete set of these is near impossible.  I think I have maybe 15 of the 25.  They show up in the 29 G cat,  31, 35, 36,  and twice in the 37 (once as water pump and also as Flare wrenches.).  It is not odd that a tool show up in some early 30s cats and then skip a year or two and reappear.   There were also some specials like the S9895, 904, 905, ST-802. 

Image Description: 

Has: Patent Appl'd  Chicago ILL  the model number and size are stamped on the top on the handle. This version has the wide handles, with a double triangle in the inset..  Date codes 1928 and 1931.  The hanger holes are probably not factory.  Would date 28-33.

Image 2 Description: 

Has been changed to: Patent Appld For.  Has wide handle,  also has the Blue Point name removed.  (no infomation has been found as to why,  but it is common to find the name removed in the Water Pump wrenches) Has a 31 code.

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

These have Narrow handle,  the single triangle in the inset.  The model number and size has been turned.  Date codes are 29 and 31.  Have Patent Appld for with Chicago ILL.   Not sure why some are narrow handle,  it is not all size,  previous pic shows a 932 with the wide handle,  could be two different lines,  or different factories.

Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

Wide version.  Has PAT.RE.No. 17.417. on back.  Date codes 31 and blank.   Some of these have factory hanger holes,  most do not.  Some read Patent Appl'd,  Some read Patent Appld for.

There are narrow handles with the 17417 on back also.  Pic on the AA site.

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

Has Patd RE No 17417 on front.  Has a factory hanger hole.  There are narrow handle versions of these also.   Back is blank with no code. Still has Chicago ILL.  Some have stamps on the back like 9-2, 

Image 5: 
Image 6 Description: 

Chicago has been replaced with Kenosha WIS.  One of these has the model number and size stamped on the head. Have hanger holes.  One has a 9-3 stamped on the back.  Neither has a date code.  These would date to the mid 30's   No USA stamp.

Image 6: 
Image 7 Description: 

This one has Made in USA stamp,  has a 1940 date code stamped on front handle. No stamping on back.

Image 7: