Cortland Wrench Co.


Cortland Wrench Company (Cortland, NY) - The earliest mention we find of this company is ca. 1888.  Factory burned 1/20/1898 and the officers at that time were J. H. Wallace, W. W. Hout, and P. B. Canfield.  The article on the fire notes the company was started (probably incorporated) a year prior.  The company was started to manufacture a bicycle wrench patent.  A 9/27/1897 Elmira, NY newspaper article notes Cortland Wrench Co. has just received 2 large orders for wrenches; 50,000 from London and 25,000 from Berlin.

An interesting note is that J. H. Wallace, David F. Wallace, C. L. Kinney and others incorporated the Cortland Forging Company (drop forgings) on 8/14/1895.  It too was completely destroyed by fire in early April of 1896.  In February of 1908 C. L. Kinney (Pres. since inception) resigns as President due to health and none other than Fred L. Titchener (See Storms Drop Forge - Frank S. Titchener) becomes President.

The 2/18/1892 edition of Iron Age notes the success of the Wescott Wrench Company, mentioning they are the successors to the Cortland Wrench Company.

By at least 1899 (Binghamton City Directory), possibly earlier, Mr. Canfield has established Canfield & Co. / Canfield Gas Engine Works to produce small farm engines.

Phillip B. Canfield, Patent #575,592 - Wrench