Cochran Pipe Wrench Mfg. Co.


Cochran Pipe Wrench Manufacturing Co. (Chicago, IL) - Formed to produce Patent #885,322 by James M. Cochran of Paducah, KY.  This earlier Cochran patent for a pipe wrench is also relevant, Patent #597,762.  Here is another pipe wrench patent from later attributed to Mr. Cochran, Patent #1,071,703.

James M. Cochran Patent 527,592 - Wrench

The 12/1/1919 edition of Chilton Tractor Journal reports the Cochran Pipe Wrench Mfg. Co. has changed their name to the Cochran Mfg. & Forging Co.  The article depicted in Image 2 below describes a new facility being erected in Chicago.  Interestingy, it also notes that for the prior 2 years (1908-1910) the Cochran pipe wrenches have been produced by Kilborn & Bishop but that they were no longer able to keep pace with demand.

According to the Plumber's Trade Journal of 1/15/1921, the Larco Wrench & Mfg. Co. took posession of the Cochran company on April 5, 1920.  The article notes they will continue to produce and market Cochran products under the Cochran brand.  An article in the 6/25/1920 edition of The Purchasing Agent seems to contradict this acquisition in reporting that Cochran has been acquired by the Great Lakes Forge Co.  This article from the 3/25/1920 edition of Iron Age reports the following officers of Great Lakes Forge Co.: G. C. Hodgson - Pres., W. C. West - VP, W. F. Sheffler - Sec/Treas. 

William F. Sheffler - Patent (Design) #D54,461 - Combination Wrench and Spring-Leaf Oiler - Assigned to Cochran.

The famous Cochran Speednut Wrenches are based on Edwin W. Cochran's Patent #1,395,800.  An interesting article appears in the 3/16/1922 edition of the Twin-City Sentinel (Winston-Salem, NC) noting that Mr. Charles H. Mebane has made improvements to E. W. Cochran's patent and will begin manufacturing and selling this wrench under the Mebane Wrench Co., marketed as "The Quick Grip" wrench.  The article further "insinuates" that Mr. Mebane patented improvements to the design on February 21, 1922, but we have been unable to locate said patent.  Also, the article speculates production and distribution will begin on 5/1/1922.  Lastly, the article notes that Mr. Mebane has yet another patented design of Mr. Cochran's that he intends to produce and market once the first design shows promise.  We assume this is Edwin W. Cochran Patent #1,368,900 - Wrench.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Cochran (Pipe Wrenches)
  • Speednut (Wrenches) (First Use 3/1/1914)