Hollands Manufacturing Co.

Erie, PA - According to the Pittsburgh Daily Post of 4/15/1890, Hollands Manufacturing Co. was incorporated on 14 April, with $10,000 capital.  Principals noted were: Robert B. Hough, Caleb Hollands, and John S. Rilling.  As an interesting note, just 4 days later the same newspaper reports that Mr. Hollands is on his death bed.  This subsequent article notes his role as foreman of the Griswold Manufacturing Company prior to establishing Hollands. 

Despite the above founding notice, an article in the 4/26/1926 edition of The Evening News of Harrisburg, PA celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Hollands Company.  This would place their founding in 1886.

In 1959, Hollands was purchased by Erie Tool Works.

Hollands Mfg. Co. Patents from DATAMP // Second Link (Note that Hollands is in DATAMP twice, once as Hollands Mfg. Co, and once as Hollands Manufacturing Co.)

Patent #664,361 - Henry F. Renner - Pipe Vise, assigned to Hollands 12/18/1900 (Not in DATAMP)

Patent #680,439 - Henry F. Renner - Bench Vise, assigned to Hollands 8/13/1901 (Not in DATAMP)

Trade Names and Brands from Trade Publications:

  • Hollands (Bench, Bench & Pipe, Nickel/Brass Pipe, Railway, Swivel, Toolmakers, Woodworkers)
  • Keystone (Bench, Machinist, Pipe, Woodworkers)
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