Niagara Falls Metal Stamping Works


(​Niagara Falls, NY) - Incorporated 5/26/1904 by R. C. Eldridge, H. M. Eldridge, and F. A. Dudley.  First mention of Pokitrenchiz comes in a 1912 edition of Commercial America.  The Pokitrenchiz fade out of advertisements in about 1920.  We believe this company changed it's name to the Niagara Metal Stamping Corp. in 1921, but have found no solid evidence.  The latter company appears to have remained in operation until around 1929.  Niagara Metal Stamping Corp marketed very similar wrenches, referred to as "Premax."

Brands / Trade Names / Trade Marks

  • ​Pokitrenchiz (Stamped Wrenches)
  • Premax (Stamped Wrenches)