Examples: WF-9 through WF-16

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WF-9: 9/32" Sliding T Bar

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WF-10 - WF-10 9/32" socket 3/16" (6 Pt.)

Image 3 Description: 

WF-11 - 9/32" socket 1/4" (6 Pt.)

Image 4 Description: 

WF-12: 9/32" drive socket 5/16" (12 pt)

Image 5 Description: 

WF-13: 9/32" drive socket 11/32" (12 pt)

Image 6 Description: 

WF-14: 9/32" drive socket 3/8" (12 pt)

Image 7 Description: 

WF-15: 9/32" drive socket 7/16" (12 pt)

Image 8 Description: 

WF-16: WF-16 3/8" Drive 3" Extension


Sorry - only pics I have of the tools no longer in my possession are together.
Never noticed it before, but the WF-9 has a small "F" after the "9". Date code, or manufacturing plant location?

Image 2: 

I've recently (5 minutes ago) come across a WF-9f in an old bin of my fathers tools. I am wondering if anyone has narrowed down whether the small f is a date or plant code. It's a pretty cool tool but I dont believe I have any 9/32 sockets, I'm not done with the bin yet though...

Sorry - only pic I have is a group shot. But the info is readable. FWIW

Update: found a close-up of the logo! It's an WF-19 subscript "K"

Image 2: