Snap on No. B3408

The B3408.  Lineman's ratchet, or Scaffold Ratchet.  I do not know to much about this ratchet.  I know it was made from at least the 50's thru 70's.  This one has a 77 code.  Some have a large flat selector switch to use with gloves.  Some have the regular one (could have been changed).  Has a B3409 socket 7/8,  the socket opening on the end of the rat is also 7/8, this points more to a scaffold rat.   Has a locking pin to hold the socket.  Hard to find.  

Drive Size: 
Date Code: 
Ratchet Manufacturer: 
Ratchet Brand: 
Year Produced: 
Ratchet Overall Length: 
Full Ratchet-Drive Side: 
Drive Side Stampings: 
Ratchet Reverse Side: 
Ratchet Reverse Stampings: 
Drive Type: 
Head Style: 
Tooth Count: 
Ratchet Max Head Width: 
Ratchet Head Thickness: 


Hey Snapmom, I hope you're still actively using this website because I would let to purchase this rachet if it's available. Please contact me. I am really interested in this. Thank you.