Tools for Analysis

In this section of the Tool Archives you will find unique and specially designed analytical tools enabling users to:

  1. Quickly find examples of tools;
  2. Compare individual tool attributes and discover similarities/anomolies;
  3. Prove and/or disprove manufacturer theories.

Select a tool from the menu to the right to access these tools.

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Patent Browser

The Patent Browser allows you to search patents and view examples of versions produced under that patent. You can also click the DATAMP Link to view the patent details on that website.

Plier Browser

Select a Plier Style from the right menu to view examples.

Ratchet Comparison Tool

This tool is only as good as it's content!!! This site is deployed in a manner designed for COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION. If we simply rely on the site owner's inventory, the tools and capabilities of the site will be severely hindered. Click Here To Upload A Ratchet!

Click here for the Comparison Tool. This tool allows the user to search ratchets by Manufacturer, Brand, Tooth Count, Patent, and more. Users can then "flag" ratchets for comparison and view the flagged ratchets in a new "comparison" view. This tool is invaluable for identifying ratchet manufactures, validating assumptions, etc. We will add more search filters along the way!

Socket Browser

Select here to load and browse sockets.

The Plomb / Proto Catalog Content Mapper.

Here is another analysis tool. In this tool, type in a model number to see when the item was listed in Plomb / Proto Catalogs. For example, if you type in 1214 (7/16" Combination Wrench), you will see that the first appearance was in the 1933 catalog. We are currently working on Catalog pages with Combination Wrenches, but will add all wrench styles next, then sockets / drive tools, then the remaining content of catalogs. Ultimately, this will expand to all other manufacturer catalogs but that will take a very long time to upload and tag correctly. The Plomb / Proto Catalog Content Mapper.

Wrench Browser

Once again, this tool is only as good as it's content! We don't have every wrench ever made in our inventory so Please click and contribute!

This area will be for new development tools that will make analyzing the data on this site much easier. I'm releasing the first tool now, even though it's a work in progress, and growing rapidly as I (AND HOPEFULLY YOU) input data. Soon, there will be the same capability for Ratchets, Sockets, Hammers, and other tool categories. Imagine having the dimensions of every ratchet made in the database where we could almost instantaneously identify which ratchets were OEM'd by whom, just by their common characteristics! That IS the plan.

The "Wrench Analyzer" PLEASE read the notes!!!! Wrench Finder Tool

NOTE: if you see attributes missing and would like to request an additional field for the form or add items to an existing list, like a type of wrench, etc., send a PM to user Todd Werts and I'll add it.

NOTE II: You will see that most of the fields in the table are highlighted. This means they are "TAGS." In other words, if you are browsing the table of wrenches and see (for example) the small end size of 1/2 and click it, it will load all wrenches on the site of that size. Similarly, if you clicked "Bonney" in the manufacturer column, it would load all Bonney manufactured wrenches on the site, etc, etc. To go to the actual record for the row where you can comment on the information therein, SELECT THE PICTURE!

NOTE III: Anyone with a user account can add example wrenches!! Click here for the form to add a wrench.

NOTE IV: I will gradually be transitioning sections of the site to utilize this data and "auto-create" the Wrench sections under each vendor. So, if you submit a J.P. Danielson wrench, it will automatically show up under the Wrench section of J.P. Danielson. That portion is a work in progress, but we will get there.

This tool is designed to allow users to slice and dice all wrenches on the site, as well as contribute to it's content. For now, there are 5 parameters you can play with:
1: Size - End 1 - This is the smallest size on a DOE, DBE, machinist wrench, etc., OR the size of a combo or single ended wrench. Selecting a value (you can select multiple values using the CTRL key) will reduce the list below to only wrenches of that size.
2: Wrench Type - self explanatory
3. Tool Manufacturer - Self explanatory but this is the OEM.
4. Wrench Brand - This is the brand stamped on the wrench
5. Wrench Overall Length - This is the length, within 1/4"

Example use case: let's say you find a 1 1/2" combo and can't read the brand. You could easily view examples to figure it out by selecting the Size, and the length.

so here it is.

Catalog Browser

Another Analysis Tool in the works. Check out the Catalog Browser here. Note that this takes a long time to develop the content so bear with us as we get catalogs uploaded and tagged appropriately.