The Tool Exchange

*****TRY IT OUT!**** The idea here is to document collector sets, and enable users to document what they have, and what they need. For now, we've only "gone live" with wrenches, but other tools will be added to the mix in the near future. No one will be able to see your items that you have checked "I have one" however, if you check "I need one" or "I have one to trade," any registered user will be able to view both needs and/or trade items. No one but the owner can view the fact that you "have one." Ok folks, I've been working on this functionality. If you go to the wrench finder, you can now indicate if you need each wrench. When you click "I need this Wrench," Please let us know if you get an error since we believe it is fixed, but just click OK if an error message pops up. You can also use this site for your "Personal Inventory" of tools that only you can see. This is great for insurance documentation, etc. Finally, you can click the "Available for Trade" link and it will note the fact that you have one available. See the menu items to the right for browsing particular content.

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