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S & A Manufacturing Company

S & A Manufacturing Co. (Boston, MA) - Quixet was registered as a Trademark and first use was claimed as 9/25/1913.  February, 1914 advertisement from Motor magazine.  The latest mention of this wrench / company we have found is 1915.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Quixet (Automobile Kit Tools, Wrenches and Screwdrivers) (First Use 9/25/1913)

Samson Wrench Company

Samson Wrench Company (La Crosse, WI) - Incorporated 1/21/1925 by George W. Kelley, Louis R. Corbell, and Lloyd O. Benoit.  This wrench does appear to have been produced due to the fact of newspaper sales advertisements appearing in neighboring states in 1925/26.

George W. Kelley Patent #1,464,004 - Wrench - Assigned 1/2 to Charles H. Hagerman (of Spokane, WA).  No information was discovered about Mr. Hagerman.

Sandvik Saw & Tool Corp.

Sandvik Saw & Tool Corp (New York, NY) -

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks:


Schoenborn, A. J. Wrench Company

Green Leaf, KS -

    Image Description: 

    June, 1912 Automotive Trade Journal


    Scholler Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Scholler Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Buffalo, NY) - Incorporated June 6, 1917 by Charles J., Edward J. and Caroline Scholler.  However, in 1914 the company was sued by Crescent Tool Company for patent infringement for "sector cutting saws."  Here is a 1915 advertisement for the Scholler adjustable wrench, from the Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal.  A google search produces images of "double end" adustables also marked with the Scholler name.

    Charles J. Scholler may have come from Keystone Manufacturing Co. as his 1912 patent for a ratchet drill was assigned to Keystone.

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    • Scholler (Adjustables)

    Scholler Wrenches

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    Schollhorn, The William Company

    The William Schollhorn Co. (New Haven, CN) - Incorporated in 1891 as a "Hardware Manufacturer."  In 1896 they filed a patent infringement suit against the Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Co. regarding shear and punch designs.  In 1899 they sold the hand shear part of their business to The National Shear Company.  They appear to have remained in business until at least the late 1940's. 

    UPDATE: See the comment and announcement posted below.  The company was acquired in 1948 by Sargent and Company of New Haven, CT.

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    • Bernard (All Tools) (First Use: 11/1/1890)
    • WUNAXION - Block Text (Eyelet Punches) (First Use 6/1921)
    • ESKIMO - Block Text (Ice Picks & Ice Shavers) (First Use 2/1/1925)
    • **Unknown** (Nippers, Pliers, Punches & Hand Tools) (First Use 7/15/1908)

    Schrader, Frederick

    Frederick Schrader (Bridgeport, CT) - Here is an article on the Schrader wrench from the 2/7/1901 edition of American Machinist.

    Frederick Schrader Patent #582,238 - Adjustable Spanner

    Frederick Schrader Patent #644,033 - Combined Spanner and Wrench

    Sears Roebuck & Co.


    Sears, Roebuck & Co. (Chicago, IL) -

    Most, if not all discovered sources (including Sears history archive) claim that Sears registered the Craftsman trademark on May 20, 1927.  However, Sears registered multiple trademarks in 1927, but none on May 20.  There were also no labels registered, nor any trademarks applied for that match that date.  In addition, Craftsman lore states that Mr. Arthur Barrows facilitated the "purchase" of the Craftsman Trademark for $500 from the Marion - Craftsman company in October, 1927.  The problem with that story is that the Marion-Craftsman company didn't exist until December of 1927.

    The "stylized text in a wave" trademark below is the earliest Craftsman trademark found to date.

    Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks

    • TM #302,001 for Levels, Mitre Boxes & Squares (Registered 1/10/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
    • TM #303,514 for Sharpening Stones and Grinding Wheels (Registered 3/21/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
    • TM #304,812 for Portable Electric Drills and Saws and Motors (Registered 4/25/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
    • CRAFTSMAN - Block Text (Mechanics Tools) (First Use 10/28/1927) NOTE: (This TM refers to the first Craftsman TM above but does not refer to any other TM)
    • TM #308,424 for Precision Tools (Registered 9/26/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
    • CRAFTSMAN - Block Text (Power and non-Power Push Mowers & Lawn Trimmers) (First Use 1/1935)
    • CRAFTSMAN - Text in an Arch (Ball Bearings) (First Use 9/1940)



    First Use


    Lawn Mowers, Non-Power Lawn Mowers, Lawn Trimmers




    Pipe Wrenches, Pipe Cutters, and Punches


    Ball Bearing Sets


    Coping Saws, Paint Sprayers, and Hand Lawn Clippers


    Pocket Knives


    Scythes and Shears


    Cleavers, Roofing Knives, Carving Sets, Putty Knives, Butcher Knives, Paring Knives, Bread Knives, and Wall Scrapers


























    • COMPANION - Block Text (Automobile Tires) (First Use 2/2/1931)
    • COMPANION - Block Text (Machinery and Tooling of all types) (First Use 7/1/1933)
    • SAMSON - Block Text (Vises) (First Use 1/31/1909)
    • Master Craftsman - text, Master over Craftsman Underline (Wood Power Tools) (First Use 9/1/1934)

    • DUNLAP - "The outer elipse is lined for gold and the inner elipse is lined for black" (Mechanics Tools) (First Use 1/23/1937)

    • Crafty - Underlined (Small Hand Power Tools) (First Use 8/1939)

    • CRAFTSMAN (All Tools - See below) (First Use - See Below Table)

      Tool Type / Group First Use

      • CRAFTSMAN - Block Text (Squares, Levels, etc. - See Link for More - See page 2 for breakout of First Use dates by product type) (First Use 10/28/1927)
      • CRAFTSMAN ​- text in an arch (Buffing & Polishing Equipt.) (First Use 5/9/1931)
      • DUNLAP - in football shaped text (Miter Boxes, Squares, Levels, etc.) (First Use: Miter Boxes, Levels, Rules, Squares, Feeler Gauges: 7/15/1937 // First Use: Measuring Tapes: 1/15/1940 // Calipers and Protractors: 1/15/1942 // First Use: Plumb Bobs: 1/15/1945)

      • DUNLAP - in football shaped text (Most all other tools not listed in Dunlap one bullet above) (First Use 1/23/1937) NOTE: See link for tool first use breakout.

      • DUNLAP- in football shaped text ​(Grinding Stones/Abrasives) (First Use 7/15/1937) NOTE: See link for tool first use breakout.

      DUNLAP Tool Groups:

      DUNLAP First Use Dates Corresponding with the above Tool Groups:

      • CRAFTSMAN​ - Block Text (Tool Boxes, oil cans, etc.) (First Use: Tool Boxes, Chests, Drill Cases & Stands: 1/1935 // First Use: Oil Cans: 1/15/1946 // First Use: Hose Reels: 1/15/1942) ​NOTE: This document lists many prior trademarks, most listed above.  Some however do not come up in TESS nor TSDR, Registration #s:
        • 302,001
        • 302,839
        • 303,514
        • 304,812
        • 308,424
      • ARC JOINT - Block Text (Pliers) (First Use 1/1/1954)
      • RASPLANE - Block Text (Abrading Hand Tools) (First Use 12/5/1957)
      • HEADLINER - Block Text (Hand Hammers) (First Use 12/14/1962)
      • PULL 'N PRY - Block Text (All Purpose Pry Bar) (First Use 12/30/1964)
      • COMPANION - Block Text (Mechanics Tools, Vises, etc. - Click Link for List of Tools) (First Use 3/13/1968)
      • COMPANION - Block Text (Levels, Squares, etc. - Click Link for List of Tools) (First Use 7/16/1968)
      • Logo - Circle with Anvil and SS inside (Stainless Steel Wrench) (First Use 11/28/1969)




      Craftsman Tools

      Craftsman Drive Tool Accessories

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      Craftsman Pliers

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      Craftsman Ratchets

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      Craftsman Sockets

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      Craftsman Wrenches

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      Socket Sets

      Image Description: 

      While not necessarily "Craftsman," this is an early (30's?) Fulton 1/2" drive set sold exclusively by Sears as a lower end alternative to their Craftsman line. Only the socket size and "Made in U.S.A." are printed on any of the tools. It might be worthwhile to note how the sockets are made and stamped for later reference. They appear to be very similar to a lot of the small "hex set" designs.............


      Who made my Craftsman Tool?

      This timeline: http://toolarchives.com/?q=craftsman-oem-timeline lays out the various tool contract manufacturers through the years.

      Sedgley, R. F.

      R. F. Sedgley (Philadelphia, PA) Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

      • K & S (Wrenches)
      • Hexall (Wrenches) (First Use 1/24/1916)

      Service Engineering Company

      Boston, MA - According to the 12/29/1921 edition of Iron Age, incorporated in late 1921 at 568 East First Street by Arthur L. Lewis - Pres., Carroll W. Prochaska - VP, and Frederick J. Shepard - Treas. 

      Mr. Lewis is listed as President of the Worcester Steel Products Co. (Taps & Dies) in the 1923 Worcester Directory.  Worcester Steel Products was incorporated in 1919 by Mr. Lewis to make taps, dies, reamers and other cutting tools.  The company took over the Henry L. Hanson (carpenter's tools) manufacturing facility.  The company ceases advertising ca. 1923 and Mr. Lewis is President of the Lewis-Shepard Co. in 1924.

      Mr. Shepard was also Treasurer and Chief Engineer of the Lewis-Shepard Co. (since 1915) (latest advertisements found to 1930) and Dir. of the Lewis-Shepard Platform Corp. according to the 1922 Who's Who in Engineering.

      Mr. Prochaska was formerly with the Norwalk Ignition Co. (1919) and prior to that, the Malleable Iron Fitting Co.  Prior to that, he was President of the Whalen Engineering Co. of New York, and Sales Manager for the Holt-Welles Co. in NYC.  The earliest mention of him is as co-founder of Allen Iron & Steel Co. in Philadelphia ca. 1915.  In 1938 he started and was President of the Manbar Company of Norwich, CT.

      Image Description: 

      Advertisement from a 1922 Auto Trade Journal  Note that this item has been seen on eBay 6/8/2018.


      Sherman-Klove (S-K)

      Here is a link to our current status of research on Sherman-Klove.

      Sherman-Klove (La Grange & Chicago, IL)

      Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

      • Lectrolite
      • Tiger Tools (Gambles)
      • S-K (First use 12/1932)
      • S-K - Fancy Font (All Tools) (First Use 2/1969)
      • S-K Chrome
      • Chrome Alloy (Contract production sockets)
      • S-K Tools - Old Diamond Logo (Sockets, Socket Wrenches, etc.) (First Use 12/1932)
      • Artisan (Socket sets)
      • S-K Wayne (All Tools) (First Use: Please see link, earliest use 1/24/1964)
      • S-K Lectrolite
      • Brazil
      • SPA SAVER (Display)
      • Roto-Ratchet (Roto Head Ratchet) (First Use 12/5/1962)
      • S•​K Inside Diamond (Mechanics Hand Tools) (First Use 12/1/1982)

      Contract Production For:

      • MAC Tools (Ratchets)
      • Sears - Fulton (Socket Sets)
      • Sears - Craftsman Circle K (Mainly 3.4" drive tools, some 1/2" drive)
      • Gambles
      • Hinsdale (Probable, Sockets and Drive Tools)

      S-K Catalogs

      S-K Drive Tool Accessories

      View Reference: 

      S-K Pliers

      View Reference: 

      S-K Ratchets

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      S-K Sockets

      View Reference: 

      SK Wrenches

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      Sherman-Klove Patents

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      Simplex Wrench Company

      Frank C. Reilly - DBA Simplex Wrench Company - Based on the trademark information below, we can assume operations as early as 10/1/1924.  The company is also listed in the 1932 Poor's Index.  Frank was President of many companies and had many inventions.


      All Frank C. Reilly Patents

      Trade Names, Brands, and Trademarks

      Smith & Egge Manufacturing Company

      The Smith & Egge Manufacturing Company (Bridgeport, CT) - Founded by Friend William Smith and Frederick Egge upon successfully inventing a lock to propose and win a contract for the U. S. Postal Service in 1873.  ​History of Bridgeport & Vicinity

      The first reference we find for wrenches is ca. 1897 with their adjustable socket wrench, shown below in the first image.  DATAMP shows 2 patents being manufactured by Smith & Egge and the first by Chantrell is for the wrench below, awarded in 1882.  This wrench is also marketed as "Chantrell's Adjustable Socket Wrench" in Cooke & Co's 1883 catalog.

        Image Description: 

        Hardware ​May 25,1901. (See Page 18)


        Smith, H. A.

        H. A. Smith (Henry Adalbert Smith) (Elgin, IL) -

        Henry Adalbert Smith Patent #885,191 - Wrench

        Henry Adalbert Smith Patent #1,062,047 - Wrench of the adjustable alligator type

        Brands, Trade Names, & Trademarks

        Smith, H. D. Tools

        Here is an excellent source of information for HD Smith Tools.

        H. D. Smith Co. (Plantsville, CT) - Most sources identify 1850 as the formation year for this company.  However, we have not yet been able to locate any source documentation to support this.

        Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

          • Perfect Handle (Screwdrivers, Pipe Wrenches)
          • Sharpenezy (Chisels)
          • Gittatit (Pliers)
          • Circle "S" (Carriage Makers Hardware)

          • "8 Ball" (Screwdrivers) (First Use 10/1/1921)

          Image 2: 

          Smith, Seymour & Son

          Seymour Smith & Son Inc. (Watertown, CN) -

          Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks:

          • Snap-Lock (Pliers, Clamps & Wrenches) (First Use 2/6/1945)


          Kenosha, WI - According to a 50th anniversary newspaper article, Joseph Johnson and Bill Seidemann worked for American Grinder Mfg. Co. when they came up with the idea for their interchangeable sockets.  American Grinder was launching Blackhawk at the time and wasn't interested in Mr. Johnson's idea.

          An article published March 26, 1921 notes Newton Tarble as VP of Snap-On, and a member of both the Motor Tool Specialty Co. and Palmer Tarble Sales Company.  Side Note: Mr. Tarble, prior to entering WWI, was an often scouted baseball pitcher and turned down many professional offers in order to engage in the business world.

          Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

          • MECHANIKIT - Block Letters Registered by Motor Tool Specialties (Toolboxes for Mechanics) (First Use 5/2/1924)
          • FERRET - Block Letters (Socket Wrench Tools, Screwdrivers) (First Use 8/5/1926)
          • Par-V - Block Letters (Wrenches, Chisels, Socket Sets, Screwdrivers) (First Use 2/2/1931)
          • Blue-Point Supreme (Wrenches, Wrench Handles, Chisels, etc.) (First Use 1/24/1934)
          • LOXOCKET - Block Text (Wrenches, Wrench Handles, Screwdrivers, Valve Spring Compressors, Chisels, Wrench Sockets and Socket Wrenches) (First Use 7/6/1928)
          • FLEXOCKET - Block Text (Wrenches, Wrench Handles, Screwdrivers, Valve Spring Compressors, Chisels, Wrench Sockets and Socket Wrenches) (First Use 7/6/1928)

          • SENIOR - Block Letters (Hand Tools) (First Use 4/23/1923)
          • DWARF - Block Letters (Hand Tools) (First Use 3/1/1929)
          • JUNIOR - Block Letters (Hand Tools) (First Use 5/1/1927)
          • SUPREME (Hand Tools) (First Use 1/24/1934)

          • MechaniChest - Block Letters (Hand Tools) (First Use 6/1/1933)
          • Torqometer - Block Letters (Torque Wrenches) (First Use 11/20/1937)
          • The Tool Box (For Periodic Publications) (First Use 4/3/1953)

          • HYDRA-RAM - Block Letters (Hydraulic Power Units) (First Use 4/1/1939)
          • OCTO-GRIP (Wrenches, Screwdrivers & Hand Turning Tools) (First Use 12/22/1938)

          • Hydra-Pak - Block Letters (Mechanical & Hydraulic Jacks) (First Use 12/3/1941)
          • Wedge-Grip - Block Letters (Open End & Socket Wrenches) (First Use 2/10/1953)
          • Vacuum Grip (All Pliers, Chisels, Punches, Screwdrivers (First Use from TM Renewal says June, 1932; First Use from Original Forged Steel Products TM says 6/1/1920) (See Forged Steel Products Page)

          • Par-X - Block Letters (Hand Tools) (First Use 4/19/1961)

          Date Stamps for Snap On Tools

          The "Collecting Snap-On" website has the date code key and can be found here.

          Snap On - The Catalogs

          The "Collecting Snap-On" website has a comprehensive inventory of the Snap-On catalogs here.

          Snap On - The Tools


          Snap-On Date Coded Ratchets - A Walk Through Time

          View Reference: 

          Snap-On Drive Tool Accessories

          View Reference: 

          Snap-On Non Date Coded Ratchets - A Walk Through Time

          View Reference: 

          Snap-On Ratchets

          Reserved for sockets, ratchets, extensions, etc.

          Image Description: 

          Here's an unusual tool - a Snap-On M-44, 9/32" drive speeder. It has a 9/32" female end in the tiny back handle.

          View Reference: