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S & A Manufacturing Company

S & A Manufacturing Co. (Boston, MA) - Quixet was registered as a Trademark and first use was claimed as 9/25/1913.  February, 1914 advertisement from Motor magazine.  The latest mention of this wrench / company we have found is 1915.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Quixet (Wrenches)

Samson Wrench Company

Samson Wrench Company (La Crosse, WI) - Incorporated 1/21/1925 by George W. Kelley, Louis R. Corbell, and Lloyd O. Benoit.  This wrench does appear to have been produced due to the fact of newspaper sales advertisements appearing in neighboring states in 1925/26.

George W. Kelley Patent #1,464,004 - Wrench - Assigned 1/2 to Charles H. Hagerman (of Spokane, WA).  No information was discovered about Mr. Hagerman.

Scholler Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Scholler Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Buffalo, NY) - Incorporated June 6, 1917 by Charles J., Edward J. and Caroline Scholler.  However, in 1914 the company was sued by Crescent Tool Company for patent infringement for "sector cutting saws."  Here is a 1915 advertisement for the Scholler adjustable wrench, from the Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal.  A google search produces images of "double end" adustables also marked with the Scholler name.

Charles J. Scholler may have come from Keystone Manufacturing Co. as his 1912 patent for a ratchet drill was assigned to Keystone.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Scholler (Adjustables)

Scholler Wrenches

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Schollhorn, The William Company

The William Schollhorn Co. (New Haven, CN) - Incorporated in 1891 as a "Hardware Manufacturer."  In 1896 they filed a patent infringement suit against the Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Co. regarding shear and punch designs.  In 1899 they sold the hand shear part of their business to The National Shear Company.  They appear to have remained in business until at least the late 1940's. 

UPDATE: See the comment and announcement posted below.  The company was acquired in 1948 by Sargent and Company of New Haven, CT.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Bernard (All Tools) (First Use: 11/1/1890)
  • (Pliers)

Schrader, Frederick

Frederick Schrader (Bridgeport, CT) - Here is an article on the Schrader wrench from the 2/7/1901 edition of American Machinist.

Frederick Schrader Patent #582,238 - Adjustable Spanner

Frederick Schrader Patent #644,033 - Combined Spanner and Wrench

Sedgley, R. F.

R. F. Sedgley (Philadelphia, PA) Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • K & S (Wrenches)
  • Hexall (Wrenches) (First Use 1/24/1916)

Sherman-Klove (S-K)

Here is a link to our current status of research on Sherman-Klove.

Sherman-Klove (La Grange & Chicago, IL)

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Lectrolite
  • Tiger Tools (Gambles)
  • S-K (First use 12/1932)
  • S-K - Fancy Font (All Tools) (First Use 2/1969)
  • S-K Chrome
  • Chrome Alloy (Contract production sockets)
  • S-K Tools - Old Diamond Logo (Sockets, Socket Wrenches, etc.) (First Use 12/1932)
  • Artisan (Socket sets)
  • S-K Wayne (All Tools) (First Use: Please see link, earliest use 1/24/1964)
  • S-K Lectrolite
  • Brazil
  • SPA SAVER (Display)
  • Roto-Ratchet (Roto Head Ratchet) (First Use 12/5/1962)
  • S•​K Inside Diamond (Mechanics Hand Tools) (First Use 12/1/1982)

Contract Production For:

  • MAC Tools (Ratchets)
  • Sears - Fulton (Socket Sets)
  • Sears - Craftsman Circle K (Mainly 3.4" drive tools, some 1/2" drive)
  • Gambles
  • Hinsdale (Probable, Sockets and Drive Tools)

S-K Catalogs

S-K Drive Tool Accessories

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S-K Pliers

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S-K Ratchets

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S-K Sockets

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SK Wrenches

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Sherman-Klove Patents

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Simplex Wrench Company

Frank C. Reilly - DBA Simplex Wrench Company - Based on the trademark information below, we can assume operations as early as 10/1/1924.  The company is also listed in the 1932 Poor's Index.  Frank was President of many companies and had many inventions.


All Frank C. Reilly Patents

Trade Names, Brands, and Trademarks

Smith & Egge Manufacturing Company

The Smith & Egge Manufacturing Company (Bridgeport, CT) - Founded by Friend William Smith and Frederick Egge upon successfully inventing a lock to propose and win a contract for the U. S. Postal Service in 1873.  ​History of Bridgeport & Vicinity

The first reference we find for wrenches is ca. 1897 with their adjustable socket wrench, shown below in the first image.  DATAMP shows 2 patents being manufactured by Smith & Egge and the first by Chantrell is for the wrench below, awarded in 1882.  This wrench is also marketed as "Chantrell's Adjustable Socket Wrench" in Cooke & Co's 1883 catalog.

    Image Description: 

    Hardware ​May 25,1901. (See Page 18)


    Smith, H. A.

    H. A. Smith (Henry Adalbert Smith) (Elgin, IL) -

    Henry Adalbert Smith Patent #885,191 - Wrench

    Henry Adalbert Smith Patent #1,062,047 - Wrench of the adjustable alligator type

    Brands, Trade Names, & Trademarks


    Kenosha, WI - According to a 50th anniversary newspaper article, Joseph Johnson and Bill Seidemann worked for American Grinder Mfg. Co. when they came up with the idea for their interchangeable sockets.  American Grinder was launching Blackhawk at the time and wasn't interested in Mr. Johnson's idea.

    An article published March 26, 1921 notes Newton Tarble as VP of Snap-On, and a member of both the Motor Tool Specialty Co. and Palmer Tarble Sales Company.  Side Note: Mr. Tarble, prior to entering WWI, was an often scouted baseball pitcher and turned down many professional offers in order to engage in the business world.

    Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

    • List of all Snap-On owned Trademarks as of 1/3/1904
    • ​Undocumented in TSDR TM #147,515 (10/18/1921)
    • Undocumented in TSDR TM #290,329
    • GRIPPER (Screwdrivers) (First Use 4/17/1923)
    • MECHANIKIT - Registered by Motor Tool Specialties (Toolboxes for Mechanics) (First Use 5/2/1924)
    • FERRET (Socket Wrench Tools, Screwdrivers) (First Use 8/5/1926)
    • Par-V (Wrenches, Chisels, Socket Sets, Screwdrivers) (First Use 2/2/1931)
    • Blue-Point Supreme (Wrenches, Wrench Handles, Chisels, etc.) (First Use 1/24/1934)
    • SENIOR (Hand Tools) (First Use 4/23/1923)
    • DWARF (Hand Tools) (First Use 3/1/1929)
    • JUNIOR (Hand Tools) (First Use 5/1/1927)
    • SUPREME (Hand Tools) (First Use 1/24/1934)
    • MechaniChest (Hand Tools) (First Use 6/1/1933)
    • Torqometer (Torque Wrenches) (First Use 11/20/1937)
    • The Tool Box (First Use 4/3/1953)
    • HYDRA-RAM (Hydraulic Power Units) (First Use 4/1/1939)
    • OCTO-GRIP (Wrenches, Screwdrivers & Hand Turning Tools) (First Use 12/22/1938)
    • Hydra-Pak (Mechanical & Hydraulic Jacks) (First Use 12/3/1941)
    • Wedge-Grip (Open End & Socket Wrenches) (First Use 2/10/1953)
    • Vacuum Grip (All Pliers, Chisels, Punches, Screwdrivers (First Use from TM Renewal says June, 1932; First Use from Original Forged Steel Products TM says 6/1/1920) (See Forged Steel Products Page)
    • Par-X (Hand Tools) (First Use 4/19/1961)

    Date Stamps for Snap On Tools

    The "Collecting Snap-On" website has the date code key and can be found here.

    Snap On - The Catalogs

    The "Collecting Snap-On" website has a comprehensive inventory of the Snap-On catalogs here.

    Snap On - The Tools


    Snap-On Date Coded Ratchets - A Walk Through Time

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    Snap-On Drive Tool Accessories

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    Snap-On Non Date Coded Ratchets - A Walk Through Time

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    Snap-On Ratchets

    Reserved for sockets, ratchets, extensions, etc.

    Image Description: 

    Here's an unusual tool - a Snap-On M-44, 9/32" drive speeder. It has a 9/32" female end in the tiny back handle.

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    Snap-On Sets

    This area reserved for sets.

    Image Description: 

    1928 Super Service Set
    Courtesy of Krusty the Klown.
    This one has the 1/2 drive twelve point straight wall sockets with "Pat Appld For" on top of the sockets.


    Snap-On Sockets

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    Snap-On Specialty Tools

    Snap-On Wrenches

    Reserved for wrenches

    Image Description: 

    Here's a Snap-On angle wrench. Alloy Artifacts doesn't list this type. Snapmom says it's WWII vintage.

    View Reference: 
    Image 2 Description: 

    Cup wrench

    Image 2: 

    Snap-On Patents

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    Springfield Drop Forging Company

    Springfield Drop Forging Co. (Springfield, MA) - Acquired by Page-Storms Drop Forge Co. in 1903.  This article from June 25, 1903 announces the acquisition of Springfield Forge by Page-Storms.  The company appears to have been run by H. W. Goddard, at least late in the 1890s.

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    Standard Nipple & Tool Co. / Standard Nipple Mfg. Co.

    Standard Nipple & Tool Co. (West Newton, PA) - The Standard Nipple Manufacturing Co. was chartered 9/7/1905 in Pittsburg.  Incorporators were F. M. Mechling, G. C. Blackmore, A. C. Spindler, C. H. Hook, C. A. Cooper, W. E. Crow and F. H. Knapp.  In approximately June/July of 1909, the company reorganized as The Standard Nipple & Tool Company and moved to the old factory of the Standard Stove & Range Co. in West Newton.  This 1909 article from American Industries notes the continued manufacture of the Duplex chain pipe wrench, a pipe vise and "new patent wrenches."

    The 11/24/1906 edition of The Metal Worker, Plumber and Steam Fitter announces that the company has acquired the patents and machinery to manufacture the Duplex chain pipe tong.

    A newspaper article from Indiana, PA in 1909 indicates that the factory move to West Newton is the result of their factory being condemned due to repositioning of the lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  This article additionally notes that the owners purchased their patent rights "3 years ago from Baltimore parties."  This article from a 1906 edition of The Plumbers Trade Journal notes that the Duplex wrench has been manufactured for the last 2 years by the Duplex Wrench Company of Butler, PA.  We have not been able to locate these patents.

    Duplex Wrench advertisement from 1908.

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    • Duplex (Chain Pipe Wrenches)

    Standard Wrench & Tool Company

    Standard Wrench & Tool Co. (Providence, RI) - Announcements/advertisements begin ca. 1911, Bankrupt ca. November, 1913. 

    Standard Wrench & Tool is most notably known for it's "Fitzall" wrench.  An article from The Automobile Trade Directory from July of 1911 explains the design and pictures an example.

    Research continues on the origin and history of this company however they appear to have operated from around 1911 to 1918.  We have however discovered a newspaper announcement from 11/28/1913 in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette announcing an auction of the entire factory and contents of the Standard Wrench & Tool company.

    J. R. Long Patent #890,146 - Wrench

    J. R. Long Patent #955,974 - Wrench

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    • Fit-Z-all (Adjustable)
    • Fitzall (Wrenches)
    Person Tags: 

    Star Wrench Company

    Star Wrench Company (St. Louis, MO) - Incorporated 9/14/1895.  Incorporators are L. M. Friede, J. W. Donnell, and C. Friede.

    1895 Iron Age Article on Star Wrenches.

    NOTE: Samuel M. Friede is also the architect of the main attraction at the Worlds Fair in St. Louis in 1905, the Friede Arial Globe.  Also of note, J. W Donnell went on to found the Donnell Manufacturing Co. which he "spent into bankruptcy" and was involved in various allegedly illegal business activities.

    Samuel M. Friede Patent #546,142 - Pipe Wrench - Assigned 1/3 to John W. Donnell

    Samuel M. Friede Patent #525,318 - Compound Action Monkey Wrench - Assigned 1/3 to John W. Donnell

    Samuel M. Friede Patent #525,683 - Combined Pipe, Ratchet, and Monkey Wrench - Assigned 1/3 to John W. Donnell

    Samuel M. Friede Patent #525,684 - Combined Monkey and Pipe Ratchet Wrench - Assigned 1/3 to John W. Donnell

    Samuel M. Friede Patent #530.,518 - Combined Monkey & Pipe Wrench - Assigned 1/3 to John W. Donnell

    Samuel M. Friede Patent #564,513 - Wrench - Assigned 1/3 to John W. Donnell


    Sterling Wrench Company

    Sterling Wrench Company (Sterling & Findlay, OH) Moved from Sterling to Findlay in March of 1888.  Sold out to "Eastern Parties" and the company will move to Akron.  Article states they will also dispose of all wrench patents.  The company will be renamed to The Akron Tool Company - 9/18/1889.  An October 31, 1889 article in Iron Age notes that the Akron Tool Company has been formed to take over the business of the Sterling Wrench Company and the Krause Cultivator Company, both owned by the same individuals.  This article also mentions that the Sterling company turned out over 200,000 wrenches in the prior year (1888).

    Stockholders in 1887 were John C. Steiner, Daniel Amstutz, C. E. Steiner, Joseph Ross, Jacob Krause, Christian Krause, A. A. Burkholder, Fred Amstutz, John Amstutz and Joseph Amnstutz.

    Here is a biography on George W. Ross, in which it states he was President of Sterling Wrench from 1886 to July 1888, and one of the original founders.

    This State of Ohio Annual Report for 1886 notes that the Russell Wrench and Novelty Manufacturing Company changed it's name to The Sterling Wrench Company on March 26, 1885.

    John Lee Patent #241,552 - Wrench

    John Lee Patent #269,072 - Pipe Wrench - Assigned to the Russell Wrench & Novelty Company.  12/12/1882

    John Lee Patent #269,073 - Wrench - Assigned to the Russell Wrench & Novelty Company.  12/12/1882

    John Lee Patent #288,713 - Wrench

    The two patents below are also relevant, According to DATAMP:

    Barney Ross Patent #296,877 - Wrench

    Matthew E. Campfield Patent #303,385 - Art of making the screw and head for wrenches


    Storms Drop Forging Co.

    Storms Drop Forging Co. - In 1920, Frank F. Storms (of Page-Storms) starts the Storms Drop Forge Co. as President & Mngr, and Charles H. Leonard as Treasurer, as reported by the New England Business Directory.  Note that the November 23, 1923 edition of Iron Age reports Frank O. Wells as Treasurer.  There is also a J. H. Jones mentioned in other articles.  Frank Storms brother Albert was also a part owner.

    Here is an exceptional article detailing the layout of the plant, capitalization, officers etc. from the April 15, 1920 edition of The Iron Age.  When clicking the link, scroll up for the article beginning.  Officers include:

    • Frank F. Storms - President & GM
    • Charles H. Leonard - Treasurer (former treasurer of Page-Storms)
    • Albert J. Storms - Superintendent
    • Frank S. Titchener - Board Member (of Union Forge Company, Union, NY)
      • 1909 - President of Union Forging Co. (Est. 1883 / Incorp'd 1899)
    • George A. MacDonald - Board Member (President - Chicopee National Bank)
    • Capt. Ralph E. Whittle - Board Member
      • 1926 - Secretary
      • 1928 - Purchasing Agent
    • John Porter - Board Member
    • F. O. Wells
      • 1926 - Treasurer

    From "IW: The Management Magazine" in 1924, it appears Frank F. Storms was involved in the formation of the The Shur-Lift Auto Jack Company, along with Alvin L. Johnson and Ralph E. Whittle.  Raoul Carpentier and Percy B. Cowell were also involved in the venture.  The company is still listed in the Mass. Business Directory in 1926 but no further reference can be found past that time.

    Sturtevant, P. A. Company

    Paul Sturtevant applied for his first torque wrench related patent in November of 1938.  The website for Sturtevant Richmont (current company) states he started the P. A. Sturtevant Co. in 1940.  We have yet to discover a notice of formation.

    The assignments page for the Sturtevant trademark is interesting because it lists the following "assignees:" P. A. Sturtevant Co., Airetool Mfg. Company, SK Wayne Corp., Waugh Equipment Co, and the last owner (in 1968) was Dresser Industries.

    P A Sturtevant Co. (Addison, IL)

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    Contract Production For:

    • Plomb Tool Co.
    • Bonney Forge & Tool
    • Owatonna Tool Co.
    • Herbrand Tools

    Paul A. Sturtevant Patents

    Sutherland Wrench Company

    ​Sutherland Wrench Company (Chicago, IL) - ​Incorporated in 1922 by M. F. & Harry C. Sutherland, and A. E. Avery.  The announcement of the company formation is the only information we found on this company.

    Harry C. Sutherland Patent #1,406,910 - Wrench

    Image Description: 

    Example of a Sutherland Patent #1,406,910 ​wrench from The Wrenching News 2017 York auction listing.


    Syracuse Wrench Company

    ​Syracuse Wrench Co. (Syracuse, NY) ​- NY State records show "organization tax" being paid for Syracuse Wrench Co. in 1908, which we can assume is the founding year.

    The 10/28/1908 edition of The Horseless Age reports that the Syracuse Wrench Company has signed a deal with M. C. Viau to produce is chain pipe wrench design.

    The 2/17/1910 edition of The Post Standard (Syracuse) contains an article reporting that Levi Silverman and Levi Elsohn sold their wrench patent to Syracuse Wrench Co. and were supposed to receive royalties on the sales.  This article notes a lawsuit by the two for non-payment of royalties.  We have not been able to locate a patent for either of these gentleman.  Mr. Silverman won the lawsuit.

    Moses C. Viau Patent #850,696 - Pipe Wrench

    Jacob J. Albrecht Patent #873,997 - Ratchet Wrench

    The obituary of Robert Almy Cory notes he was VP of this company for a time.

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    • Champion (Wrenches, Ratchets) (Garage Kit)
    • "E-Z" Ratchet
    • Yala (Socket Wrenches)
    • Viau's (Pipe Wrenches)
    • Empire (Ratchet Drills)
    Image Description: 

    Yala Socket Wrench Set from 1908 Automobile Trade Directory.

    Image 2 Description: 

    Champion Socket Wrench Set from a 1910 edition of the Automobile Trade Directory

    Image 2: 

    Thorsen Manufacturing

    Much of the history of the Thorsen Tool Co. comes to us from The Shurtleff and Lawton Families: Genealogy and History.  Thorsen Tool Co. was founded in 1926 in Emeryville, CA by:

    • Sherm Haskins - Production
    • E. A. Boyd - Salesman
    • Pete Mortensen - Tool & Die Maker

    The document tells us that by 1931, E. A. Boyd had split from the company to form Thorsen Tools Inc. at 145 Bush St., a tool distribution company, and Pete Mortensen had returned to P&C.  This left Sherm Haskins as the sole proprietor of the Thorsen Tool Co.  In 1941, Thorsen was purchased from Sherm Haskins by Harry Peet and Roy Shurtleff, who was a silent investor and who's interest was looked after by his son Lawton.  During WWII, the company focused strictly on mechanics hand tools, supplying a variety of tools to the Army via several small contracts, and obtaining a large contract to supply wrenches to Indian Motorcycles.

    On 8/15/1968, Hydrometals announced it's intent to acquire Thorsen Tool of Emeryville, CA.

    On 9/23/1973, Lawton Shurleff (interestingly noted as the founder of Thorsen in the article) named Scott G. Arbuckle as President of the company, and took over as Chairman of the Board.  This article also announces the move from CA to Dallas, TX.

    On 1/25/1977, Wallace-Murray Corp. announced it had purchased 350,000 shares of Hydrometals (parent company of Thorsen) from Lawton Shurleff, thereby taking over ownership of the company.

    In about March of 1987, Thorsen Tools merged with GC Electronics of Rockford, IL to form GC Thorsen.  The newspaper article indicates that eventually, all operations will move to Rockford and Thorsen's President, Wayne Timpe, will become President & GM.

    An article from the 1/12/1989 edition of the Hartford Courant announces the dissolution of Houshold International Inc. "manufacturing empire" and notes that GC Thorsen is to be sold.  We believe GC Thorsen was sold to Elgin National Industries, Inc.  In the business section of the Chicago Tribune of 3/15/1995, we find an announcement that Elgin has sold GC Thorsen to Katy Industries of Colorado.

    By following the timeline of assignment of several of the trademarks below, here are the remainder of transactions involving Thorsen:

    • August 1999 - THOTO Inc.
    • September 1999 - Thorsen Tools Inc.
    • May 2001 - Olympia Group Inc.
    • June 2006 - Amarillo Hardware Company
    • August 2008 - Thorsen Tools Inc.
    • June 2010 - U. S. Holdings Corporation

    The last advertisements for Thorsen Tools we have found are in early 2009.

    Thorsen Tool Co. (Emeryville, CA)

    Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

    Thorsen Drive Tool Accessories

    View Reference: 

    Thorsen Ratchets

    View Reference: