Ratchet Playground


We are looking for content to complete our Ratchet Inventory.  You can use the menu to the right to (for example) browse the Ratchet Patents that have no examples yet identified.  Then, upload an example that corresponds to the patent.  We very much appreciate all the contributions!!

If you find a ratchet incorrectly associated with a patent, please select the ratchet in question and use the comment area on the ratchet page.

We are continuously finding / loading new patents, and catching up with loading the patent pictures and file/award dates.  You may see some records not including those elements so please be patient, we are getting there!  We have found some interesting tidbits along the way.  For example, we have located 4 or 5 Kilness patents in the 1960's that have no assignee and it's unclear whether examples exist and if so, who manufactured them.  The hunt continues!

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