The "Masterpiece" Patent is Filed


Thought to be a variation / improvement on an older patent, on November 30, 1902, Joseph G. Baker filed a patent for Bonney's famous "The Masterpiece" wrench. A combination pipe wrench and pipe cutter, this tool is arguably the single largest item responsible for exponential growth for Bonney up to this point, and possibly ever. By 1906, Bonney could not keep up with orders. The patent was awarded on August 9, 1904 but it is thought that Bonney began producing the tool in 1903.  Also notable is the fact that Charles S. Bonney also obtained this patent for a very similar wrench, even though there is absolutely no evidence that he had anything to do with Bonney Tools during this timeframe.

Friday, October 31, 1902 - 19:00
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