Charles Bonney Reemerges


Charles Sherpard Bonney basically disappears after patenting his pipe vise in 1887, until his patent of the Pipe Wrench/Cutter around 1903.  In his family history he is listed, among other things, as a "Commercial Traveller."  This announcement appears in the January 25, 1906 edition of the Iron Trade Review.  It announces the formation of the Bonney Vehslage Tool Company at 135 Coit St. in Irvington, NJ by Charles S Bonney, Ernest C. Vehslage and Arthur L. Fullman.  The Company still exists today.  This event is also announced in the 1/10/1906 edition of the N Y Times.

Sunday, December 31, 1905 - 19:00
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Iron Trade Review - January 25, 1906
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