Armstrong Brothers Timeline

  • 12/31/89

    Armstrong® 1890 Founding

    Four sons of a Scottish immigrant blacksmith launch Armstrong Bros. Tool Company in Chicago. In the beginning, the company manufactures and distributes bicycle parts

  • 12/31/94

    Armstrong® 1895 Lathe Tool Holders

    As part of Armstrong's manufacturing program, the brothers introduce the first lathe tool holders.  The Armstrong tool holder was patented in 1893 - Patent #492,381

  • 12/31/99

    Armstrong® 1900 Tool Holding Growth

    The lathe tool holders show so much promise that Armstrong starts manufacturing the product full-time. As advertised, the Armstrong® system did indeed save “All forging and 70% of grinding,” and by the mid 1900’s the use of forged cutting tools in machine shops was virtually unheard of, replaced instead by the Armstrong® System of Tool Holders.

  • 04/30/02

    Armstrong® 1902 April Fool's Day - Tragedy & Rebirth

    On April Fool’s Day in 1902, the Austin Ave plant burned to the ground. The company salvaged and re-conditioned its inventory, rebuilt the plant, doubled the floor space, and continued to grow.

  • 05/31/05

    Armstrong® 1905 Expansion

    Needing still more space, the brothers purchase property at 317N Francisco Ave., Chicago, and build a 100,000 square foot, 3-story brick factory

  • 05/31/09

    Armstrong® 1909 Drop Forged Wrenches

    The brand adds drop forged wrenches to its tool line

  • 05/31/17

    Armstrong® 1917 Catalog

    A World War I era Armstrong® catalog featuring tool holding products.

  • 05/31/28

    Armstrong® Teams Up With Blackhawk

    In the 1928 edition of the Motor Record, the publication announces a partnership to produce Armstrong-Blackhawk open end wrenches.

  • 05/31/48

    Armstrong® 1948 New HQ

    The company moves from its Francisco Ave factory to a new headquarters at 5200 W. Armstrong Ave. on Chicago’s northwest side

  • 05/31/74

    Armstrong® 1974 New Plant

    The company adds a second manufacturing facility in Fayetteville Arkansas and begins operations.

  • 05/31/83

    Armstrong® 1983 The World's Finest Sockets

    The world's finest sockets get the world's finest ratchet.

  • 05/31/87

    Armstrong® 1987 World's Finest Wrench

    Compare.... Armstrong® with any other wrench.

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    Danaher Acquisition - 1994
  • 05/31/97

    Armstrong® 1997 Dedicated to Giving You More

    More quality. More service. And even more product selection with the latest additions to the Armstrong® line of top quality industrial hand tools

  • 05/31/00

    Armstrong® 2000 No Normal Day

    An elephant's butt in the boiler.... the makers of Armstrong® tools know there is no such thing as a "normal day" when it comes to industrial maintenance.

  • 05/31/03

    Armstrong® 2003 EYE-D™ Sockets

    Armstrong® launches laser etched large size markings for quick recognition in low light and tough industrial environments.

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    Danaher Merged into Apex Tool Group - 2010
  • 05/31/10

    Armstrong® Launches the GMTK and the MCAT for the US Military

    The GMTK (General Mechanics Tool Kit) and the MCAT (Mobile Cart Armstrong Tool) were designed in conjuction by the US Military for the US Military. They are entirely composed of Made In The USA tools and componets...down to the ball bearings of the casters.

  • 05/31/13

    Armstrong® 2013 4,000+ SKUs

    The Armstrong® product line now includes more than 4,000 items, including hand sockets and drive tools, wrenches, industrial wrenches, torque wrenches, impact sockets, c-clamps, screwdrivers, pliers, and related industrial products

  • 12/31/14

    1890-2015 Armstrong® Celebrates 125 Years!

    It all started 125 years ago in a wooden shed in back of two houses on Edgewood Ave. in Chicago. Those houses belonged to two of the four Armstrong brothers, who together founded a company that is now a worldwide leader in industrial hand tools with over 4,000 products. Made for the toughest jobs in 1890 and still made that way today. Not just strong … ARMSTRONG.