Husky Wrench Company Timeline

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    Sigmund Mandl - Born February 7, 1901 **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    Sigmund Mandl was Born on February 7, 1901 in Slovakia.

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    Sigmund Mandl Immigrates - ca. 1915 **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    Sigmund Mandl immigrates to the U.S.A. **Actual date is unknown at this time but some research indicates around 1915***

  • 12/31/23

    The Husky - Snap-On Connection **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    Sometime in early 1924, Mandl lures the manager of the Snap-On Company, Joseph Wirtish, away and, along with Oscar W. Engerson and John Zummach, they form the Husky Wrench Co.  According to the trademark for "Husky Wrenches and Husky Socket-Wrench Sets," Mandl claims first use on January 29, 1924.

    The announcement reads:  "The Husky Wrench Co. of Milwaukee has been organized by a number of men formerly with the Snap-On Wrench Co. of that city to engage in the line of manufacturing mechanics' tools, especially for garage and repairshop use and for original car kit equipment.  Joseph O. Whirtish, formerly manager of the Snap-On Company, and Sigmund Mandl, and Oscar Engerson are the principals in the company."

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    Mandl Founds the Husky Wrench Company **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    The company address is listed as 1610 Vliet Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin within the Husky Trademark application.

  • 02/01/24

    Mandl Files his First Patent **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On February 1, 1924, Sigmund filed his first patent application for a ratcheting wrench described as "The force from the ratchet wheel is directed through the pawl to the ratchet body. The set using this ratchet had hex drive sockets. This wrench was later updated in patent 1,628,467

  • 02/09/24

    The Husky Underline Trademark **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On February 9, 1924, Sigmund filed an application for the trademark "Husky" underline and the registration was issued on July 22, 1924. The application lists the company address as 1610 Vliet Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • 12/22/24

    Mandl Files his 2nd Patent - An Improvement on his Ratchet **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On December 22, 1924, Sigmund filed his 2nd patent application for an improvement to his ratcheting wrench described in patent 1,614,039. Mandle describes his improvements as: ".... In order to overcome this weakness in design and at the same time to provide bearings for the ratchet wheel, I employ a l'pair of side or bearing plates riveted -to the body portion of the wrench which re-enforce the body portion at its place of weakness. Incidentally, my improved wrench is much more compact as well as of much better appearance than my former type, of ratchet wrench."

  • 01/26/25

    Mandl Files his 3rd Patent - A Ratchet Set **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On January 26, 1925, Sigmund filed his 3rd patent application for "Wrench Outfit" (set) described as "small number of units or elements which can be readily selectively and interchangeably connected together in a great many combinations to obtain wrench structures best adapted for the particular work to be accomplished." Note that this patent is filed to be assigned to "The Husky Corporation" and not the "Husky Wrench Company." The patent was awarded on January 9, 1930.

  • 04/01/25

    Mandl Markets his 3rd Patent - A Ratchet Set **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    This advertisement comes from the April, 1925 edition of Popular Mechanics. It appears Mandl wasted no time marketing his products.

  • 05/31/25

    Mandl Moves Husky Operations **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    In the 1925 edition of Machinery, an announcement appears regarding the move of Husky to 27th and Florence streets, Milwaukee, WI in order to accommodate increased orders and demand.  Company officers are listed as: President & Treasurer - John Zummach; Vice-President - Sigmund Mandl; Secretary - Joseph Wirtish.

  • 04/06/26

    Mandl Files Canadian Patent for his Ratchet **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On April 6, 1926, Mandl is awarded a Canadian patent for his ratchet design.

  • 01/01/28

    Mandl Joins Forces with J. H. Williams **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    This announcement comes from Volume 14 of Steel Processing & Conversion, 1928. It highlights the joining of forces of the two companies.

  • 07/09/28

    J. H. Williams Clarifies it's Agreement with Husky **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    This announcement comes from Automotive Industries, Volume 59 (Published by Chilton) and attempts to clarify the arrangement stating that "J. H. Williams buys Socket Wrenches from the Husky Wrench Co and includes them in their wrench kits"

  • 11/30/28

    Mandl Patents his "All-in-One" Ratchet **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    It is not clear if this ratchet was ever produced.  Patent applied for on July 26, 1926 and awarded Aug. 13, 1929

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    Mandl Renames the Husky Wrench Company to the Husky Corporation **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    The date is unclear, but sometime around December of 1928, Mandl changes the name of his company from the Husky Wrench Company to Husky Corporation.  The name becomes official on January 1, 1929.

  • 12/31/28

    Mandl Sells Husky - Relocates Husky to Kenosha, WI **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    Officially announced as being effective on January 1, 1929, the Husky Corporation begins using Kenosha, WI as it's official address.  This article from the January 13, 1929 edition of the Chicago Tribune shows the Husky Corporation being purchased by Olsen Manufacturing.

  • 05/31/29

    Zummach (Husky President) Resigns **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    In the 1929 edition of Automotive Industries, this announcement appears noting the sale of all holdings, and resignation of Mr. Zummach as President of Husky.

  • 08/31/29

    Husky Tools Arrangement with Billings & Spencer **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On September 1, 1929, Husky makes arrangements with Billings & Spencer.

  • 10/31/31

    Mandl Moves to Blackhawk **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    On December 5, 1931, along with Mr. Edward Pfauser, Mandl files a patent application under Blackhawk. Patent 1,995,009 - Ratchet Mechanism

    Sometime between September of 1929 and this patent filing, Mandl made the move to Blackhawk.

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    Husky Succumbs to New Britain Machine **Comments: 0 **Comments:

    In 1935, Milwaukee newspapers announce the sale of the Husky plant and equipment.  Another 1935 article, while not mentioning New Britain Machine, notes that all equipment is to be moved to New Britain, CT.